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(Session) drummer

As a drummer Luuk can function as a session musician to record his drumming on your music. This can be done together with you in a studio of your choice or he can deliver the tracks after he has recorded them himself.

Audio engineer / producer

Luuk is able to help you out when it comes to recording, editing and mixing your music. He is used to working with analog gear as well as digital gear. Furthermore, Luuk is used to work in both small en larger studios. Luuk can also be hired as a producer. If so, he will work closely with you to enhance your music. Wether it’s perfecting an arrangement or tweak a certain musical part.


For over a decade Luuk has been creating and composing music. You can buy compositions or beats by Luuk by contacting him through the contact form on the contact page. Luuk will contact you to talk about your wishes. It’s optional to arrange a meeting to sit together and work on music together.

Drum- and music teacher / band coach

As part of his need to spread his passion for drums and music Luuk can teach you drums or music theory. You can reach out to Luuk for lessons through Key4Music, the music school where he teaches at. Apart from begin a teacher, Luuk can also be hired as a band coach. Does your band need a boost or a fresh perspective during rehearsals? Luuk can offer help to add more structure or improve efficiency during rehearsals.

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