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Luuk Timmermans (born 20 July 1992) is a Dutch drummer, composer, songwriter, engineer and producer.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, his high affinity with music became apparent at a young age. After he got blown away by seeing a drummer in action, he almost immediately got infected with the drum virus. He started drumming on every object that he considered suitable. After a little while, Luuk got his first drum kit. He spent many hours playing the drums at his improvised practice room.

A couple years later, he attended a college of music. At that time, he got to play in some bands for the first time. Playing in bands really brought him more musical knowledge. It was also the moment that Luuk extended his musical interests, instead of just listening to hip hop music. During this period, he played in a folk band called Fin de Siècle. This was his first band with which he experienced his first bit of success. They entered a band contest and came in second. This generated quite a few opportunities, such as playing the main stage of Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg and playing as support act for UB40.

At the same time Luuk was also playing in Sula, an alternative hip hop band (with a break-dancer during live shows). A year later they also entered the same band contest, but unfortunately, they didn’t bring the trophy home.

After Luuk graduated from the above-mentioned college of music, he auditioned for the Rockacademie and got accepted. This is where it all started to fall into place. He got to play in many bands and from then on, he was almost constantly making music, playing drums and doing shows. The most notable band in which he played during that time was Moeders Mooiste. This band also entered the above-mentioned band contest. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but they got to play at numerous festivals during the summer.

During Luuk’s time at the Rockacademie he felt the urge to make his own music more and more. So, he decided to start making his very own music under a pseudonym called Seauxl. He’s currently working on his debut EP for Seauxl, which is planned to be released someday in the future. Seauxl is also the alter ego Luuk uses to produce music for others.

Moeders Mooiste signed a record deal in 2018 and they have released their second EP on the 18th of June 2018. Their new EP is recorded and produced by Jurriaan Sielcken (known for his work with Jett Rebel, Lucas Hamming and Herman van Veen).

Luuk graduated from the Rockacademie in June 2018. Since then, he has been active as a drummer in bands such as Moeders Mooiste. In addition, Luuk is the live producer for Neave, a Dutch electropop singer. Further more, Luuk works as a drum teacher and he is available for all kinds of projects on a freelance basis.

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